Defending Most Vulnerable

On January 23, 2021, DR. PHIL CHAVEZ challenges almost 200 Life Advocates ready to March in pouring rain to DEFEND the UNBORN in So Cal’s TEMECULA Val...View Details


MEN 2020: YOUR SUMMONS Current Events and Firm Directives  In this first of 3 recordings Dr. Phil Chavez reviews current vital challenges threatening ...View Details

In this recording Dr. Phil Chavez presents a compelling case for teen boys to value the role of Patriarch. He explains this manly responsibility shoul...View Details

In this conference Dan Duddy speaks of the developmental influence that sports can have in a young man’s life. He takes us into a locker room of episo...View Details

Embracing one’s identity as a Beloved Son of God is paramount for sound spiritual navigation. Dr. Phil Chavez presents helpful teachings that enable m...View Details

In this recording Dr Phil Chavez covers foundational teachings on the spiritual life for men. He presents a helpful orientation for men to understand ...View Details

Manhood Put to the Test in the Iliad Rev. Joseph Levine  Listen to the traits of manliness from the great figures in the historic epic of Homer: The I...View Details

In this second presentation Dr. Phil Chavez goes deeper into the dynamics of moving as a Beloved Son, and in the identity of Jesus Christ. He explains...View Details

In this retreat to young priests, Dr. Phil Chavez makes important points of establishing strong masculine identity in the cleric. Taking on the name “...View Details

Most men wander through life asking themselves “Who am I?” And in this podcast Dr. Chavez addresses the importance of this question in light of a man’...View Details

With careful detail Dr. Phil Chavez explains the key identities of men which are: husband and father. These identities are to be formed in men with pa...View Details

BASIC IN MANLINESS FOR UNIVERSITY MEN: FULFILLING YOUR MISSION In this audio presentation Dr. Phil Chavez presents the core roles of a man’s Mission a...View Details

“Why is there so much hate for the gay community?” What happened to a good old conversation of contrasting ideas? Tolerance may be preached but conver...View Details

Having a mission makes a difference. Do you view your life as a mission? If so, what is your mission? During this episode of Trending with Timmerie an...View Details

Why shouldn’t someone have a sex change? Medicaid funding must now cover sex changes in the state of Iowa. Catholicism multiplies in Nigeria as they f...View Details

Men and Kanye West

What the heck has happened to Kayne West? Dr. Phillip Chavez, an expert on character development who works with men, joins Trending with Timmerie to d...View Details

Dr. Chavez shows the struggle women have in becoming the Beloved Daughter when men are emasculated and lose their place. If a man’s hearts was not ope...View Details

In this audio delivered at a past Phoenix Men’s conference Dr. Phil discusses some of the tougher aspects of manliness and the duties men need to fulf...View Details

Navigating an Authentic Men's Spirituality In this Relevant Radio interview on the “Father’s and Son’s” episode, Dr. Phil Chavez discusses aspects of ...View Details

In this Audio Dr. Phil Chavez explains reasons behind the disconnection of men in the Church. This has become a widespread problem given that little a...View Details

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