In this episode Dr. Phil Chavez explains the centrality of Sacrifice in the life of the Priest and the man. This subject has great importance to The M...View Details

In this show, Dr. Phil Chavez responds to the question as to whether Christian men are not only sons of the father, but also sons of the Church and so...View Details

In this episode, Dr. Phil Chavez explains that being a Beloved Son of the Father means to move steadily in Christ. Life is not about going to heaven a...View Details

As a sound understanding of manhood is lacking today Dr Chavez explains the importance of raising males to be husbands and fathers as a path to clarit...View Details

Expanding more on the description of the Worst Priest, Dr. Phil Chavez explains his efforts are not meant to be negative about the Church. However, th...View Details

In this program, Dr. Phil Chavez returns to the description of a “Finished Man”. He explains it as that developed character in a man to which he is ca...View Details

In this podcast, Dr. Phil Chavez explains what he means by “moving” as a Beloved Son. This goes beyond just “living” as a Son. To move as a son is to ...View Details

In this episode Dr. Phil Chavez talks of his background and expertise in addressing the issues of for forming the “Finished Man”. Aside from his docto...View Details

In this episode, Dr. Phil Chavez talks about his personal journey of Sonship in Christ. He explains that this road began by learning how to engage in ...View Details

In this episode Dr. Phil Chavez explains that the Worst Priest is the ineffective cleric who has Faith but is clueless on how to lead men, women, and ...View Details

In this first episode Dr. Phil Chavez explains the issues and events which led to the founding of The Men’s Academy. As people concede widespread prob...View Details

In this podcast Dr. Phil Chavez moves deeply into the journey of manhood: Not only the formation of boys to be men, but also want it takes for young m...View Details

In this podcast Dr. Phil Chavez explores what it means for the Catholic layman to live and walk in the Freedom of the Sonship of Jesus Christ. He expl...View Details

Defending Most Vulnerable

On January 23, 2021, DR. PHIL CHAVEZ challenges almost 200 Life Advocates ready to March in pouring rain to DEFEND the UNBORN in So Cal’s TEMECULA Val...View Details


MEN 2020: YOUR SUMMONS Current Events and Firm Directives  In this first of 3 recordings Dr. Phil Chavez reviews current vital challenges threatening ...View Details

In this recording Dr. Phil Chavez presents a compelling case for teen boys to value the role of Patriarch. He explains this manly responsibility shoul...View Details

In this conference Dan Duddy speaks of the developmental influence that sports can have in a young man’s life. He takes us into a locker room of episo...View Details

Embracing one’s identity as a Beloved Son of God is paramount for sound spiritual navigation. Dr. Phil Chavez presents helpful teachings that enable m...View Details

In this recording Dr Phil Chavez covers foundational teachings on the spiritual life for men. He presents a helpful orientation for men to understand ...View Details

Manhood Put to the Test in the Iliad Rev. Joseph Levine  Listen to the traits of manliness from the great figures in the historic epic of Homer: The I...View Details

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