Quest for Masculine Spirituality: Unleashing the Warrior Within 1 of 3

December 18, 2018

In this audio Dr. Phil Chavez reviews vital dynamics in a man’s nature. Men are distant as regards their faith life given that masculine identity was not fully rooted. Men require a summons, including the directive to “stand up and fight like men.” The Church has failed to give men their summons; and has no vision to forge the man in the priest or layman.

Dr. Phil gives a powerful perspective of viewing sexuality that empowers a man. He explains how women live in a “relational” mode that often affects a man’s personal relationships and renders misunderstandings in the spiritual life. Women think, pray, and worship differently. When differences are understood a man reaches confidence in his relationships


Morally PC & Apathetic

December 9, 2018

Much to talk about regarding the abortion movement from the Supreme Court and fetal tissue to police investigations in Michigan. We are pro-life, but have we become apathetic about abortion? Pope Francis made the news commenting that people with same sex attraction should not be priests. As the Catholic Church faces a major sex abuse scandal, the Boy Scouts (PC “Scouts BSA”) face bankruptcy. Hosts also discuss how you can embrace fasting and penance this Advent with the Ember Days. Dr. Phil Chavez from The Men’s Academy joins Trending with Timmerie Millington.

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Identity & Diversity

November 23, 2018

Here you’ll hear a response to the ever growing threat of gender ideology and how Catholic identity calls us to authentic freedom and love as men and women who are different. Your hosts cover: Celine Dion’s launch of a gender neutral clothing line, Victoria Secret’s recent interview with Vogue on diversity, the underground Church in China, Pope Paul VI canonization, the coming of Advent, and the future of both American sex and family life. Dr. Phillip Chavez of The Men’s Academy joins Trending with Timmerie Millington.


Weapons of Conversation

November 21, 2018

Dr. Phillip Chavez of The Men’s Academy joins Trending with Timmerie Millington discussing Milo Yiannopoulos, mass shootings like Thousand Oaks and the crisis of mental health, how Planned Parenthood is weaponizing taxpayer money and how their new president Dr. Leana Wen is using basic healthcare as their scheme, and children with Down Syndrome apply to be on the endangered species list. Listen to conversation on the culture from a Catholic perspective as they confront abortion, politics, population control, depression, and homosexuality.


2017 MGI Summit, “Vital Approaches to Male Adolescent Development”

October 26, 2018

To give you an idea of the dynamic content we will be offering Sept. 28,29th Summit in West Covina, here is a recording from 2017 MGI Summit: “Vital Approaches to Male Adolescent Development”

Here in this presentation, Dr. Phil Chavez describes the fundamental characteristics to shape in the young adolescent boy that put him on the road to manhood. He offers clear reasons for training specific to a boy; and gives several ideas to launch the boy on his journey to becoming a responsible Leader, Protector, and Provider. There are no apologies here; Just strong, straightforward teaching….


MANLINESS: Forging the Finished Man

October 12, 2018

Clarity about the full character of a man stands vital for restoring authentic manliness in church and society. In this audio Dr. Phil Chavez sums up the core elements of Christian manliness in a manner that strikes the masculine heart. Finally, a presentation capturing the “complete” man! Dr. Chavez’ approach is effective since he bases the pillars from a man’s 3 core questions: “What do I do now?”; “Who am I?”; and “Where am I going?” When a man’s key questions are resolved this brings confidence and freedom!


2nd Letter From Archbishop Vigano

October 5, 2018

On the latest episode you will hear about: Archbishop Vigano’s second letter confronting the issue of the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church; the major victories for life in the United States in the fight against abortion. Finally, continuing with Shaunti Feldhahn’s book on the inner lives of men, Phil and Timmerie discuss why the physical appearance of women matters so much to men. Dr. Phil Chavez from The Men’s Academy joins Timmerie Millington on this episode of Trending.

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What is a Man’s Mission?

October 3, 2018

On Trending: New trends in transgender identity and challenges to masculine integrity with accusations levied against supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Joining Timmerie Millington is Dr. Phil Chavez whose keen insights into the lives and character development of men will provide a lively conversion on: the transgender crisis, Brett Kavanaugh, and what is a man’s mission.