“Why is there so much hate for the gay community?” What happened to a good old conversation of contrasting ideas? Tolerance may be preached but conver...View Details

Having a mission makes a difference. Do you view your life as a mission? If so, what is your mission? During this episode of Trending with Timmerie an...View Details

Why shouldn’t someone have a sex change? Medicaid funding must now cover sex changes in the state of Iowa. Catholicism multiplies in Nigeria as they f...View Details

Men and Kanye West

What the heck has happened to Kayne West? Dr. Phillip Chavez, an expert on character development who works with men, joins Trending with Timmerie to d...View Details

Dr. Chavez shows the struggle women have in becoming the Beloved Daughter when men are emasculated and lose their place. If a man’s hearts was not ope...View Details

In this audio delivered at a past Phoenix Men’s conference Dr. Phil discusses some of the tougher aspects of manliness and the duties men need to fulf...View Details

Navigating an Authentic Men's Spirituality In this Relevant Radio interview on the “Father’s and Son’s” episode, Dr. Phil Chavez discusses aspects of ...View Details

In this Audio Dr. Phil Chavez explains reasons behind the disconnection of men in the Church. This has become a widespread problem given that little a...View Details

In this audio Dr. Phil Chavez offers sage guidance on becoming a Beloved Son of an earthly and heavenly Father. Awakening the manly heart toward this ...View Details

In this presentation a compelling case is given to show that concerted mentoring of boys is vital to preserve their identity as a man—while also needf...View Details

Mark Houck, founder of The King’s Men, delivers a powerful talk on how the hyper-sexualized culture impacts the development of a young man today. As h...View Details

  Dr. Phil Chavez gives compelling teachings to promote sound psycho-sexual development of the adolescent male in this podcast. Many men fail to reach...View Details

  Why are adult children cutting of their parents and “going no contact”? Misplaced individualism is leading to narcissism. Protests are destroying th...View Details

In this presentation Dr. Phil Chavez gives compelling reasons to be intentional about forming an adolescent boy into a man. The quest to form is vital...View Details

Should Women Be in Combat

A federal court judge has deemed an all male draft unconstitutional. Should women be in combat? Dr. Phillip Chavez of The Men’s Academy joins Trending...View Details

There are signs of the physical degeneration of the human person all around us. To mention two: third party reproduction and erectile dysfunction. Lis...View Details

Why are so many people single today? Many incredible men and women have found themselves single and faced with the daunting task of finding a spouse w...View Details

Chris Pratt says “no church defines me”. Dr. Phillip Chavez of The Men’s Academy joins Trending with Timmerie to discuss why Church and truth should d...View Details

Did God rape the Blessed Virgin Mary? You’ll hear a thorough proof that God did not rape Mother Mary. You’ll hear an in depth discussion talking about...View Details

The American Psychological Association has set guidelines for their practice with men and boys that labels masculinity as a mental disorder. Dr. Phill...View Details

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